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3x4 Consulting is a unique NE Ohio website consulting company that offers dependable, long-term services, while empowering and training clients to control and maintain their own websites. I do this by offering several options so the client can choose the one they feel is the best suited for their business.

I use WordPress to develop all my clients' websites.  Originally designed to create blogs, WordPress has become one of the best and fastest ways to create websites. One of the biggest reasons is it is SO EASY to use and maintain. Most of my clients are "do-it-yourselfers" and want to be able to add pages, fix grammar and spelling errors, and add photos on their own. There are also many themes and "plug-ins" to add features that would take hours to build myself. This keeps the client costs down.

Level 1

Show Me How. - Taking the fear and frustration out of website development with on-site or screen share training in how to make changes, add pages, add photos, fix mistakes using WordPress.  After a few hours of training clients experience the excitement of publishing an outstanding website.  Training concludes when clients are empowered to take control of their own web project.

Level 2

3x4 Consulting Creates the Structure, Client Does the Finish Work. - Working alongside the client to create a few starter pages and then letting them take control of the project with an option for retaining services on an as needed basis.

Level 3

Do It All For Me. - Providing the client with a completed website and a service agreement for updates.

What level are you?

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