I had left the software development world in 2004 after getting burned out on being stuck in my office writing custom code. I didn't want to see or write another line of code. I tried my hands at a few things that didn't involve programming, but somehow there was always a little "programming" involved no matter what I did. I was never really able to get completely away from it. I believe it was Matt Bailey who turned me on to WordPress, and introduced me to ThemeForest.net. Thank you Matt. I haven't looked back since. WordPress and the developers of WordPress themes just keep getting better and better. I love that I can create ONE website for a client that works on any size screen from the largest down to the tablets and smart phones. All with practically no coding on my part! With a database of over 22k plugins, you don't have to know or do any coding.  These plugins  offer quite a good number of features right from enhancing the social media marketing to the SEO analysis, and many other unbelievable options that are constantly improving with time to serve the users at the drag of their mouse. Here are the top 30 most popular plugins available to give your blog a real boost. I use many of them. WordPressInfoGraphic-130120