An excerpt from Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude

Where does positive attitude come from?

Positive attitude comes from within. Positive attitude has nothing to do      with what happens to you.   It's what you do with, and how you      react to, what happens to you. So what's the YES! Factor? Picture in your mind the feeling of crossing the finish line first, or winning a game, or making a big sale, and at the end making some gesture of triumph, like raising your fists in the air and screaming, "YES!" Can you picture it?  It's a happy and joyous moment, a winning moment, a positive moment, and that's why you scream "YES!"  Wouldn't it be great if every moment of your life was like that?  So, what's preventing it?  The BIG Answer: YOU! The reason that YES! is easier to understand than positive is that YES! is an experience that you've had many times.  You won the race, got the raise, your team won the game, you landed the client, and you screamed "YES!" A large part of attitude achievement is the visualization.  It's easier to visualize YES! that it is to visualize positive.  When something great happens, no one screams, "Positive!"  Everyone screams YES!  That's the difference.  That's the YES! Factor. Want more insight to your attitude, attitude self awareness, action, attributes, achievement, and fulfillment check out Jeffrey's book here.