How often do you cut off your prospects in mid-resopnse? One of my favorite sales gurus, Mike Brooks, offers this advice.  Stop interrupting! There you are sitting with your prospective client, you're on the edge of your seat, ready to jump in with the product that will solve all their problems.  You ask a question.  The prospect begins to answer, but you know what they are about to say and you interrupt with an answer.  You weren't really listening, you were just trying to sell, I mean help, her.  Even helpful interruptions can come off as rude and leaving the prospect feeling like you don't care. So how do you break yourself of this bad habit? Use your mute button.  Immediately after you ask the prospect a question, push the mute button.  This forces you to allow your prospect to keep talking.  With the phone muted, even if you try to cut her off, she won't be offended by the interruption. "Once you hit mute, leave it on for a couple of seconds even if you think she is done talking," Brooks says.  "You'll be amazed by how much more information your prospect will provide you if you just shut up and listen." After practicing this on phone conversations with prospects it can be transferred to your face-to-face meetings as well.  Yes, it does require a little more discipline. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about this, but I tried it and it works really well.  Thanks Mike.